Report Generation

A well automated operation not only gives operators and supervisors the ability to control processes but also collects data on the system that can be used in many different ways. Unfortunately, this data is often overlooked for many reasons:

  1. Accessing data from a database is not a skill normally available at the plant level and, for small corporations, it may not be available at the corporate level.
  2. Plant operations personnel are often so focused on day to day operations that they may lose focus on the big picture.
  3. Small corporations and operations that are remotely located, often contract a large portion of their engineering support. When the engineering support moves on to other projects, there is a disconnect.
  4. The company that supplied the automation understands SCADA programming but knows little about mining the data for its value.

A few years ago, QuickThought recognized this hole in SCADA design and support and started developing the skills necessary to access databases and generate reports. Combining this skill with our engineering expertise allows us to recommend what data would be useful to operations and then generate daily and monthly reports that supply this information in a concise format.